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RunTracker has all the features of the big fitness apps, but everything is stored directly on your device and in your control. That makes it safe for the whole family. RunTracker offers these features and more:

  • Track Your Workout

    RunTracker records your run, walk or other outdoor activity using accurate GPS location. It can track indoor activities too!

  • See Real Time Stats

    View your workout statistics in real time, including distance, time and pace information. Also see your steps and calories burned.

  • Map it Out!

    For outdoor activities, the app displays a map that shows your progress along the way. Drop a marker to track your distance coming or going.

  • Get Encouragement

    Need a lift to keep going? The app provides encouraging words that can help keep you going as your workout goes on.

  • Enjoy Your Jams

    Listen to songs and playlists from your music library directly from the app. Create your own temporary playlists or shuffle your tracks.

  • Manage Your Data

    View your activity history in-app, the only place your information is stored. Delete and reset your content whenever you wish.

See It In Action

A Fitness App for Everyone

We believe that with our focus on privacy and intuitive features, RunTracker is the fitness app that anyone can use. Also, did we mention it’s free?

Novices Welcome

RunTracker’s features are designed to be intuitive and accessible so elites and novices alike can use it with ease.

Privacy First

With RunTracker, your location and fitness data remain private. No worries about who is selling your data.

Not Just For Runners

Going for a walk? Cycling? Hiking? You can control what type of activity is tracked to provide the most accurate stats.

Map It Your Way

RunTracker offers multiple mapping options to deliver the experience that works best for you.

Full View Mode

See your progress on a map while maintaining access to your real-time fitness stats.

Map Only Mode

Maximize your map view and watch your polyline update in real time as you run.

Keep It Hidden

Concerned about performance or battery life? Default mode shows stats only with the map just a tap away.

Make It Your Own

RunTracker offers tons of customizations to let you enjoy the app to your personal preference.

  • Input your first name to receive personalized in-app encouragement.
  • Optionally add your weight to have the app calculate energy burned during your workout.
  • Choose which system of units works best for you, imperial or metric.
  • Decide which views you prefer to see by default when using the app.
  • Delete history or reset everything whenever you choose. Wipe the app clean whenever you want. And enjoy a completely ad-free experience!





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Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about RunTracker? Check out some of these frequently asked questions about this privacy-focused fitness app.

RunTracker is a new kind of fitness app that can track your runs and other outdoor activities in a unique way. It’s also laser focused on privacy for security-minded individuals who want a running app that’s safe for the whole family.

With many running apps, your fitness data is stored on remote servers along with your personal information. This data is used for marketing, research and sales, directed at you and third parties. This information typically includes data that can pinpoint where you are, where you might live and in some extreme cases even who you are. To learn more, check out this 2021 article from TechCrunch describing the practice.

RunTracker keeps the data in your hands, right on your mobile device. The app doesn’t send us any data whatsoever; there are no remote servers, no user base for us to direct marketing to, no analytics, nothing. Also there’s no opportunity for malicious actors to hack your account — because there are no accounts.

Unlike many running apps, this one adds the abilty to drop a tracking marker anywhere on a map before you start your run. Once you get going, the app can show you where that marker is in relation to you, both in direction and distance. This makes for some pretty cool use cases. You can see how far you are from where you started, or what direction your goal is. Or point to a different landmark that isn’t even along the way.

We’re hoping to make this app even better for serious runners in a future release, if there’s enough demand for it. Let us know by providing feedback to runtracker@lucindigital.com.

Got more questions? We have answers. Drop us a line.

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