Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RunTracker?

RunTracker is a new kind of fitness app that can track your runs and other outdoor activities in a unique way. It’s also laser focused on privacy for security-minded individuals who want a running app that’s safe for the whole family.

What’s the big deal about privacy? I’m just going jogging.

With many running apps, your fitness data is stored on remote servers along with your personal information. This data is used for marketing, research and sales, directed at you and third parties. This information typically includes data that can pinpoint where you are, where you might live and in some extreme cases even who you are. To learn more, check out this 2021 article from TechCrunch describing the practice.

How does RunTracker protect my privacy?

RunTracker keeps the data in your hands, right on your mobile device. The app doesn’t send us any data whatsoever; there are no remote servers, no user base for us to direct marketing to, no analytics, nothing. Also there’s no opportunity for malicious actors to hack your account — because there are no accounts.

So what’s the Tracker part about then?

Unlike many running apps, this one adds the abilty to drop a tracking marker anywhere on a map before you start your run. Once you get going, the app can show you where that marker is in relation to you, both in direction and distance. This makes for some pretty cool use cases. You can see how far you are from where you started, or what direction your goal is. Or point to a different landmark that isn’t even along the way.

So it’s called Run “Tracker” and yet it’s all about privacy. Isn’t that counterintuitive?

Um, maybe. Think of it this way: The app tracks your runs, not you!

Why did you ask for my name and my weight?

These are optional and as you now know, only you will ever see them. The app cheers you on as you run (we call this Encouragement) and if you store your name the app will address you by name sometimes. As for your weight, it’s also optional and only necessary if you’d like to get an estimate of energy burned during your workout.

What is that “Tracker View” on the map while I’m running?

This feature focuses the map on your tracker location, and the pointer shows you where you’d need to go based on your course to get there. We think it’s neat but we welcome feedback on it.

What happened to some of my runs? Did they disappear from Run History?

At present the app only shows you your last five runs. We’re working on displaying more runs in a future release.

The data being reported is inaccurate. What do I do?

It depends on which data is wrong. Distance and several other statistics provided in-app are calculated based on locations provided by your device’s GPS sensor. On some devices and in some locations, GPS data can be imprecise. We do have some algorithms to assist with that. Meanwhile, to help with step counting, we offer two different pedometers. If one doesn’t work for you, try the other by visiting the options in the Settings menu. Keep in mind that the nature of GPS means that data is sometimes imperfect, but it should be acceptable for most runners. If something still seems off, contact us so we can investigate.

I’m indoors and/or on a treadmill and this app doesn’t work at all!

It really doesn’t, sorry. Right now the app is focused on the outdoor experience and relies heavily on GPS data, which is naturally less accurate indoors. We are working on making the app more indoor-friendly in a future release.

I’m a pro-style runner and I’m looking for serious data, like splits and Apple Health integration. Where is it?

We’re hoping to make this app even better for serious runners in a future release, if there’s enough demand for it. Let us know by providing feedback!

I want X feature, why don’t you have it?

Drop us a line! We’d love to hear it.

What is your favorite color?


Not purple?

No, not really. What color would you like to see in the app? Let us know!

I have a question that wasn’t addressed.

Please send it to us! We could answer it here so others can benefit. Email us at

One more thing: Shouldn’t you attribute the licensed images you used here and elsewhere?

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